The settings to add/edit a timetable can be changed here.

Use cases for the timetable

The timetable is intended for people who actually edit/create homework on Dlool, people who just read homework can ignore this feature.
It allows an amazing autocomplete for the subjects and dates.

Creating a timetable

You can add your timetable by going to this page in the settings. Simply start to enter you subjects, it will automatically save your inputs immediately. Once you click away from your current input a new line for new subjects is created. While it’s completely possible it is not needed to add subjects to all weekdays, you can ignore any weekdays just as you want. If you get a new timetable and want to start over you can press the red reset button to reset/delete your timetable.

Importing your timetable

If someone from your class has already created your timetables they can easily export it as a JSON file and send that file to you. To export the file they can press on the green export button, then you can import the JSON file by pressing on the blue import button.

Using the timetable

Once you’ve added the timetable it will be automatically in use, say you have the subject Programming on Monday and Friday, then the due date will auto complete to the next Monday/Friday.
This way you rarely need to change the due date manually.

Additional options

Auto sort

When this option is enabled homework will automatically be sorted as in the timetable.
Say you entered your homework in a different order then you have them set, then they will be auto sorted.

Auto complete

Usually a lot of subjects will be suggested when adding new homework, e.g. Informatik, Politics and Mathe. While this can already be quite helpful, you can utilize this option to only suggest subjects that you actually have on that day. So when you have Politics, Computer Science and English on Monday only these 3 subjects will be suggested for Mondays.