Dlool is collaborative, that’s great, but it also brings challanges with it.
We want a welcoming, nice and friendly enviroment but there will be some jerks who just want to engage in vandalism :(

Access Model

To fully understand the moderation system it is crucial to understand the access model. There are two primary groups of operations:


To prevent cyberbullying reads are unrestricted on Dlool (expect for private notes).


First of all let’s clarify what a write acutally is:

  • Creating new data
  • Updating existing data
  • Deleting existing data


Regardless of who initially created a homework all members of a class can write data for their respective class.


The moderation concept is actually quite simple:

  • The first user of a class can just register
  • All following users need to be accepted by a user who is already registered.


Say David, Max and Paula are in one class.

David can simply register and can start to use Dlool. While Max and Paula can aleady read the data they can’t write data.
Then Max also wants to write data, so he wants to register, this creates a sign up request which can be accepted or declined by David.
Max gets accepted, now he is also a full member of the class.
Now Paula wants to register when she creates her request it can be declined/accepted by Max or David.

Then a troll wants to engage in vandalism but for that he would first need to be accepted and nobody from the class would accept such a troll, if you have questions don’t hesitate to create a issue on GitHub or to ask on mastodon for help.