What is Dlool?

Dlool is a web application to manage your entire school life. It is meant as an easy to use tool for students. While it can be used by teachers and parents, it meant to be used by students. Dlool is highly optimized for exactly that use case.

Dlools core functionallity is:

  • Homework Management - Dlool allows you to write down your homework so you never forget it again.
  • Notes - Dlool has a note taking feature, these aren’t meant to replace your normal notes but to be used as a quick way to write down something you need to remember. E.g. The isbn of a book you need to buy for school.
  • Calendar - Using Dlool you can easily write down all your tests and other important dates.

Dlool is highly collaborative. Homework, Calendar and public Notes will be shared with your classmates. This is especially useful, if you missed a day of school and need to catch up on what you missed.